On the Network


A wrapper inheriting Connections was created to provide typing for eLab’s API and integrate it as a Provider.

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The server runs on a VM where access is only possible via SSH. It impliments the Provider interface (specified by the Connections module) with additional endpoints for the portal and printers. This is meant to be the persistent source of truth for the network, though communications with other network elements need not always go through the server.

The server utilizes both REST and SocketIO protocols.

What’s a “Limes Portal” and how do I use it?


An SshConnection module allows for Shamwow to be connected as a Provider by emulating a bash console and connecting via ssh. While not explicitly implimented, the SshConnection module allows Limes to access Shamwow on behaf of a user (using their ssh credentials) and run commands.


A python driver handles print requests from the server via SocketIO. For each request, it generates a barcode, QR code, and label from an existing template using Apache OpenOffice Writer before sending a print command over USB.

How to print labels